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Tips to Choose Tablet PC

The people in the digital age cannot be separated from the use of gadgets and Tablet PC. Are you among them? If so, do you already have a tablet? There has been a great battle between the owner (inventor) operating system and Tablet PC manufacturers. In addition to mobile phones or smartphones, Tablet PC is one of the most wanted gadgets, whether it's because they need or because following the trend.

There are so many tablet products on the market, from the cheapest to the most expensive. The abundance of this tablet product could be its own cause confusion for prospective buyers. It is true that choosing the right tablet computer can be confusing. You should not be stuck in this battle. You can take advantage of the fierce competition going on between the various tablet products.

Do you really have to have a tablet?

The tablet is currently assessed to be able to replace a PC computer skill, particularly for productive activities. It's more or less the tablet can be used for work activities, business and entertainment. Although there are accessories such as an external keyboard, but the Tablet PC cannot be as sophisticated PC or laptop. 

The tablet is basically a large multimedia entertainment device. The advantage is that it can be used in mobile and are able to perform many functions, from browsing, video chat, and so on.

There are so many choices in the tablet market. Broadly speaking, there is the Apple iPad with the iOS operating system, the tablet-based Android operating system and a tablet that uses the operating system Windows 8 and BlackBerry. Microsoft also produces the Tablet PC, and of course equipped with operating system Windows 8.

Perhaps with the same budget, you can get a laptop with better capabilities. However, if you are really in dire need of Tablet PCs to support your activities, here are some guidelines for choosing a tablet PC so that you are not dizzy before you make a decision.


You could say the entire tablet has Wi-Fi connectivity. If you happen to have access to a lot of wireless internet connection, would not be a problem. You probably are not too concerned with internet connection, but you use the tablet for other needs. If the Internet connection is necessary but not sufficient Wi-Fi, of course, better to buy a tablet with 3G or 4G connectivity.


Some tablets provide extra memory slot to add memory if the internal memory is not enough. But some do not provide it, such as the Apple iPad. So if you like to hoard files, can choose a tablet with a high storage capacity and have a choice of memory slots. But if not, the tablets today usually have storage. You also can use cloud computing to store data, whether free or paid.

Price and Quality

In the market widely available tablets sold at a low price, even very inexpensive. The problem is the price is too low quality unreliable. For example, the screen is less clear, is not responsive to touch, and fast enough processor power. This makes the experience of using the tablet becomes unpleasant. The screen is less clear intrusive eye comfort when using the tablet.

While the screen is not responsive will make you upset and annoyed. Low processor can make a tablet to be slow. For convenience, we recommend you buy a high quality Tablet PC, certainly more expensive than low quality Tablet PC.

After Sales Service and Warranty

Before buying a tablet, make sure the after sales service is adequate and easily accessible place. So users do not get into trouble if such a tablet is broken.

However, the price of the tablet is still comparatively quite expensive now. So it's good to anticipate the things that are not desirable.

Camera Quality

Camera quality is another aspect to consider. Many users use a tablet for family photos, vacation photos, and many other things. If you hooked the photos, choose a tablet that has a decent quality camera and a large number of megapixels, at least 5 megapixels.

Battery Strength

The use of tablet PCs in general takes a lot of battery power. Consider the quality and capacity of the battery before you buy a tablet. Choose the tablet that has long battery life.

Weights and Measures

Tablet weight is not less important. Tablets are heavier and tend to discourage the use of intrusive mobility. Similarly, the size, the user might have trouble getting protective gloves or keep it in a briefcase. Should you choose a tablet with a weight and size that can be tolerated, so you feel comfortable, especially if you are traveling out of town or overseas duty.

If in doubt, you should discuss with your friends who have had experience in using a Tablet PC, so you have a reference. Take advantage of the forum on the Internet to gather information before you make a decision to buy a Tablet PC in the mall or buy online.

You can take advantage of the fierce competition between Apple iPad, Sony, Samsung, Dell, Acer, Microsoft, Toshiba, Fujitsu, HP, Motorola, Asus, Amazon Kindle and many other brands. Compare their products carefully, so that you will get a tablet that suits your needs.

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