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Simple tips for choosing lenses for DSLR cameras

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Lens for Canon DSLR cameras. Image:
Do you have any special plans to buy a lens for your camera? Perhaps now is the time you buy a zoom lens or a wide angle lens for your DSLR camera. The exitement of owning a mirror-less system or DSLR camera is the ability to change lenses, so if you want to buy additional lenses for your camera, please determine your budget for lenses.

If you'd like to understand more about different types of lenses and how they're described, so you can choose the best Canon lenses, best Micro Four Thirds lenses or best Nikon lenses.

It’s important to remember most camera companies employ their own unique lens mountings, which means one company's lenses generally won't work on another company's cameras. You can start from the basic. It’s a good idea if you buy a standard prime lens. A prime lens is a lens that has a fixed focal length. A 50 millimeter prime lens is the perfect starter lens. I know that you already have lens kit 18 – 50 mm lens when you bought your first DSLR camera.

Canon lenses, Nikon Lenses, lenses for DSLR camera, third party lens, tamron lens, tokina lens, sigma lens, zoom lens, wide angle lens
Lens for Nikon DSLR cameras. Image:
There are two fundamentals that we should understand before you buy new lenses: Firstly, focal length and sensor size.
        Every lens is defined in millimeters, and this measure is called its focal length. This measurement is the distance between the sensor and the optical centre of the lens when the lens is focused on infinity. It's important to know the difference between zoom lenses and prime lenses. The zoom lens is allowing you to magnify your subject.

A prime lens can't zoom such as a 50mm lens which is good to create portrait. You need a zoom lens to capture sport activities, holiday or when you go to the zoo to capture the dangerous animal such as lion or gorilla. 

A good zoom lens is a 50- to 250-millimeter zoom, however you can choose an 18 – 200-millimeter zoom that made by Canon, Nikon or other third party manufacturers.

Please remember if you're buying a Canon lens for a Canon camera, that's a pretty good indicator that you're on the right track. However, if you're buying a third-party lens, you'll want to be sure the lens is intended for your brand of camera. There are good third party lenses that made by Tamron, Sigma, Samyang or Tokina. They made special lenses for Canon and Nikon, so please make sure that you choose the right type lens before you decide to purchase a third party lens. A good zoom lens is a 50- to 250-millimeter zoom.  You can use a zoom lens to take photos in a wide shot to a close-up, however the best portrait is always fantastic if you capture with a 50mm lens, a prime lens. 
Canon lenses, Nikon Lenses, lenses for DSLR camera, third party lens, tamron lens, tokina lens, sigma lens, zoom lens, wide angle lens
Tamron lenses for Canon EOS. Image:
Before you go to camera store don’t forget to consider is the image sensor in your camera. There are basically two different sensor sizes; “Full frame” sensors, which are the same size as one frame of 35mm film, like those in traditional film SLRs; these are generally in higher-end cameras. Another one is the smaller image sensors, like those found in most digital SLR cameras such as Nikon D5300 or Canon EOS D700. The full frame cameras such as: Nikon D800E and Canon EOS 5D Mark III or Sony Alpha 99 (SLT-A99V). 

If you are serious about choosing lenses, you may need to have a telephoto lens for portrait photos to make the results more like an amazing 85 millimeters, to take portraits or to get closer shots of distant objects without moving the camera. This lens is also good to use when you want to photograph beautiful birds in the trees, or steal a photo when you see a beautiful girl in the distance, then you can make close to the face of the girl with a telephoto lens without being noticed by the girl.

If you are interested in photographing small flowers or insects that was perched on a flower, then you need a macro lens, but the lens of your camera kit is also quite good for this sort of picture-making. Would you like to vacation and see landscapes like forests or mountains in the distance and the beach? If you have enough money, then you need to have a wide angle lens. And you should apprehend that for a very wide, please go with an 18 millimeter lens. However For just a little wider than the 50 millimeter lens, use a 35 millimeter prime lens.
Canon lenses, Nikon Lenses, lenses for DSLR camera, third party lens, tamron lens, tokina lens, sigma lens, zoom lens, wide angle lens
Sigma lenses for Nikon DSLR. Image:
You may have very amazed with the photos of stars in the sky or other photos that you see on the Internet or at a photo exhibition. The world of photography is an art that is not limited and highly dependent on your imagination and creativity, and of course also depends on the equipment, the type of camera, lens types, and also related to camera accessories.

You can also take advantage of the atmosphere of the era of horse to buy lenses because until towards the end of February 2014 you can get a discount at the nearest camera shop or at a trusted online store.

With the passage of time, then you will know more about the lenses you need, then start saving money so you can buy your dream lens or camera. Perhaps you need to think to sell your stock photos online. Look for information by using a search engine today, so you can have an income from photography, you can even sell photography services to family or friends who will make the wedding party. If you are successful you will get a lot of references. You must also know a professional photographer can be a very good living from photography.
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